MAMMÚT were founded in down town Reykjavík by five thirteen year old kids back in 2003.

They have grown well known in their home country, Iceland, with more than 6 singles hitting the top of the charts on the national radio station and two gold records.

Their album, Komdu til mín svarta systir, won them three out of seven nominations at the Icelandic music awards for best song (Salt) best album and the best album cover of the year.

In 2015 they signed to Bella Union, a London based record company and their first label outside Iceland. A few months later they released an EP, Rivers End.

In 2017, the 14th of July, their debut LP Kinder Versions was released outside of Iceland.

Kinder Versions got most nominations that year and won them three out of six awards – for best album, best song (Breathe into me) and best singer of the year. 



“It is the sound of a band that could do anything, go anywhere, and have the conviction to carry through on every scrap of potential. It’s the sound of fearlessness.”

MOJO  –  * * * *
“Breakthrought can never be predicted with certainty, but Kinder Versions is Mammút’s convincing international calling card.”

“Now I know they are ready for the world.”

"After their fierce closing-night set at the festival last year, I wrote that Mammút were "ready for the world" – a declaration confirmed this summer by their first English-language album, Kinder Versions […] English may be Mammút's second language, but Kinder Versions is native poetry."

CLASH Magazine – 8/10
“Mammút are capable of achieving just about anything”

“Brilliantly powerful stuff!”

PROG Magazine
“Mammút are a volcanic force of nature.”